Stephanie Syjuco invites communities to share and circulate their individual and collective knowledge about how to survive in today’s Bay Area
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Stephanie Syjuco’s art examines questions of value, authorship, and ownership, and considers the ways cultural information circulates. For FREE TEXTS (2012) she provided tear-off URLs for the dissemination of radical political writings. For Shadowshop (2010), a six-month participatory public performance commissioned by SFMOMA, she created a temporary and alternate museum store that offered “low-value” items created by artists within an exhibition of contemporary art from the museum’s collection. Syjuco has also made work that explores the ways design and craft are and have been involved in political power in protest, whether in the form of military camouflage or the fabrication of activist signs and banners. Syjuco grew up in San Francisco, now lives in Oakland, and has been actively involved as an artist, teacher, and citizen in debates about the changes that the San Francisco Bay Area has been undergoing in recent years.  In the context of Public Knowledge, she is interested in the precarity of daily life for more and more residents of San Francisco, the types of knowledge they may need to live their lives, and how that knowledge may and may not circulate.