“A Frisco Girl”

Published on November 7, 1897 as part of the Sunday sheet music supplement to The Examiner, “A Frisco Girl” was written and composed by James H. Marshall and Walter Wolff. It was performed by Don McCann and Lillian Leslie.

“A San Francisco girl am I, And only plain at that;

I’ve Been to Monte Carlo,

And have played at Baccarat, In Paris, London, and Berlin, And far away Moscow

I must admit they’re very fine, But give me dear Frisco

Where flowers are blooming the year round

And sun shines bright

Where girls are beauties to gaze on in broad daylight

For a nighttime or daytime, or Winter, or Summer

You’ll see pretty girls on the street,

For Frisco, you are quite a wonder,

And can’t be beat”


Sheet music is available at SFPL’s Dorothy Starr Sheet Music Collection.