Meet a Librarian Series: Adriana Perez

As part of our Meet a Librarian Series, Public Knowledge sat down with Ariana Perez, one of the librarians of the San Francisco Public Library.

Public Knowledge: What are you currently reading?

Adriana Perez: I like to read a bunch of different things. Right now, Todd McFarlane’s Spawn: Origins, Volume 2, as an eBook, and Elizabeth Kostova’s The Historian, on eAudiobook, both available on hoopla!

PK: Why do you do what you do?

AP: I feel very strongly that people should have access to resources. The library was the only place where I could go as a child where I knew that I could get all these resources for free. As I grew up, the more I talked to the librarians and saw that there that were all these things that they could do that I could learn about and could take advantage of. One day I was in the library, as an adult, and I looked around and thought, “I could work here!”

PK: What might surprise people about your library?

AP: That we do stuff for adults, not just for kids, all the time. We are a good place to go if you want to connect to any city resources or any organization resources, especially if you don’t know where to begin. We have lots of contacts with local organizations.

PK: Who are you in your nonlibrarian life?

AP: I’m a Mexican American nerd, student of Russian, lifelong learner, admirer of music and dance of all kinds, and bride-to-be!