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Raw Material Podcast: San Francisco, Stories from the Model City

Public Knowledge partnered with The Kitchen Sisters to produce Season 5 of SFMOMA’s Raw Material podcast, centered around the Take Part artist project and scale model. Tune in to San Francisco: Stories from the Model City, to hear planners, librarians, artists, neighborhood activists, and others as they contemplate the past, debate the present, and envision the future of our city by the bay.

#GuessWhereSF Then and Now

Enjoy these scale model sliding then and now images, part of our Take Part #GuessWhereSF Instagram series (as well as a few not seen on social media!)

The Ingleside WPA Model

Lillian Saunders is a sophomore at the University of San Francisco majoring in Urban Studies. She wrote this blog post for Professor Rachel Brahinsky’s Urban Field Course, which visited several sections of the WPA model in Spring 2019.