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A Method for Public Reimagining: Move Slowly and Knit Things Together
(Chalkboard of alternative categories used during the Added Value book sale. Image courtesy of Beth Laberge.)

“Rather than moving fast and breaking things, as Mark Zuckerberg described his approach to building Facebook, we came to recognize the value of moving slowly and knitting things together. ” This concluding essay from The Stacks is from our very own Deena Chalabi, former curator of Public Knowledge. Explore the beginnings of Public Knowledge, the complexities of the artist projects, and the overarching goals of our two year project.

Local Codes: Forms of Spatial Knowledge

The past year was full of revelations; we learned, as many have long suspected, that criminal risk assessment and online…

Living in the Archives

In the spring of 2018 I became the first artist-in-residence at the San Francisco Planning Department. I was given a…

Welcome to The Stacks

Working within a modern art museum in close collaboration with a public library, we think a great deal about the…