Burak Arikan, artist and founder of network mapping tool Graph Commons, explores the stakes involved in gathering and sharing data on social issues that affect us all

Burak Arikan is an artist with a background in engineering and new media, who positions his practice at the intersection of art, politics, and technology. For most of the last decade, Arikan has built mapping tools to provide people with the visual and conceptual language to comprehend the world in terms of its networks, and the digitization of relationships in the 21st century: “More than ever, we are constructing what a public is.” Arikan takes social, economic, and political issues as inputs and runs them through custom abstract machinery, generating network maps and algorithmic interfaces. The final form results in performances and create predictions to render inherent power relationships visible and discussable. His recent collaborative, research-based projects have addressed such topics as global internet governance, penal systems, and the effects of neoliberalism on migrant workers. Arikan’s software, prints, installations, and performances have been featured in numerous exhibitions internationally. Currently based between New York and Istanbul, Arikan is the founder of Graph Commons, a collaborative platform for mapping, analyzing, and publishing data-networks.