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Take Part

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Team & Partners

Lead Artists

Bik Van der Pol is an artistic team comprising Liesbeth Bik and Jos Van der Pol. They live and work in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Through their work they aim to understand how art can produce a public sphere. Their method entails creating opportunities for communicative activities that explore the histories of publics and places.


Tomoko Kanamitsu is the Interim Head of Public Dialogue at SFMOMA. She is the project director for Public Knowledge and acts as editor-in-chief for Public Knowledge online publishing.

Stella Lochman is the Senior Program Associate for Public Dialogue at SFMOMA. She is the project manager and head of production for the Public Knowledge artist commissions, coordinating the various artist-driven projects, and engaging participating organizations and community members across the Library system.

Claire Bradley is the Senior Program Associate, Public Talks and Tours at SFMOMA. She coordinates programming at the Public Knowledge library.

Trina de Chalus is the Koret Education Center Assistant. She serves as steward and ambassador for the Public Knowledge Library, maintaining the space, welcoming visitors of all ages, supporting events, and taking care of the books within the Public Knowledge collection, for both children and adults.

Kaeleigh Thorp is the Project Research Assistant. She creates and coordinates email marketing and social media for Public Knowledge. She also assists with Public Knowledge online publishing and events.

SFPL Staff

Michelle Jeffers is the chief of Community Programs and Partnerships for the San Francisco Public Library, She manages the Library‚Äôs comprehensive public programming; curates and creates art exhibitions at the Main Library and in the neighborhood library branches; and engages in partnerships with cultural, educational, civic and private institutions.

Cathy Delneo is the Chief of Branches of the San Francisco Public Library. She oversees and manages twenty-seven neighborhood branch libraries throughout the City and contributes to the planning, organization, and overall administration of the Library system, including implementation of policies, services, and innovations.


Anti Eviction Mapping Project
California College of the Arts
City of San Francisco
Headlands Center for the Arts
San Francisco Arts Institute
San Francisco City Guides
San Francisco Department of Memory
San Francisco History Center
San Francisco History Days
San Francisco Planning Department
San Francisco Public Library
Secret Alley
SFMOMA Museum Guides
Shaping San Francisco
The Kitchen Sisters
The Living New Deal
University of California, Berkeley
University of San Francisco
Western Neighborhood History Project


Gray Brechin
Maria Elena Gonzalez
Robin Abad
Yonatan Rosen


Lilia Walsh
Yomna Osman

Model Cleaners

Abby Bridge
Ahlem Baccouche
Alice Gauvin
Allan Hough
Barbara Amato
Cecilia Galiena
Christopher Carlsson
Christopher VerPlanck
Celia Knox
David Gallagher
Diane Amato
Elisabeth Ajtay
Ellen Arenson
ErinBlythe Sanders
Gabriella Giuliani
Gray Brechin
Haley Fenning
Hannah Somerville
Harvey Smith
Hillary Lounsbury
Izzy Stephen
Jamie Jackson
Jeanette Pettibone
Jim Boyer
Karen Strauss
Kate Connell
Kathy Page
Kathy Papa
Katie McCracken
Laura Cunniff
Lilia Walsh
LisaRuth Elliot
Luke Spray
Lynda Pearson
Mary Biggs
Matea Bronic
Michelle Thomas
Omar Madker
Oscar Melara
Priscilla Chung
Rachelle Bussieres
Roberta Piantavigna
Robin Abad
Roslyn Petit
Sam Nelson
Sasha Arden
Steven Herraiz
Sunny Oh
Susan De Ballets
Susan Warble
Susana Ives
Tamara Porras
Trina de Chalus
Vicky Walker
Woody LaBounty
Yomna Osman
Zili Chang


Beth Laberge

Composite Map Creator

David Rumsey

Autodesk Technology Center

Bobbi Casey
Ishita Jain
Marti Deans

Legal Advisers

Adine Varah
Brad Russi
David Robinson
Tara Gonsowski

Other Participants

Aaron Jon Hyland
Adriana Camarena
Adrienne Hall
Alice Gauvin
Amit Ghosh
Amy Lange
AnMarie Rodgers
Dean Macris
Deland Chan
Fernando Marti
Gary Kamiya
Gray Brechin
Jarrell Phillips
Jen Snyder
Jin Zhu
Josh Switzky
Lawrence Badiner
LisaRuth Elliot
Lynne Horiuchi
Matt Smith
Melissa Higbee
Naz Cuguoglu
Richard Walker
Russel Morine
Sara Dean
Sarah Sieloff
Shalini Agrawal
Stephanie Pau
Susan Schwartzenberg
Tamara Porras
Trisha Barua
Wendy Liu